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    Taycee Therdra

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    Taycee Therdra

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    First Name: Taycee
    Last Name: Therdra

    Race: human
    Gender: female
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 140
    Birthday: 9/3
    Relationships: mother and father there names are not importaint enough both are presumed dead to her.

    Province: Mistcliff Tempestas
    Level: 1
    Element: Lighting
    Specialization: bows and arrows hunting/tracking, leather working lighting arrow short swords.

    Personality: Taycee is not much on words as when she was little she was struck by lightning while climbing an iron pillar. That single moment caused the tower to drain her of much of her magic she could have had.  But also shes mute from this accident it’s not anything any magic can heal it’s a mental state she entered. She has been mute for over 20 years there is nothing that gets her to speak, in fact she’s lets her facial expressions speak for themselves.  Often her actions can speak louder when she reaches for a weapon.  Being mute has its advantages makes one think before acting.  She’s a hired killer known as the silent one she perfect as she can’t speak she won’t ever let her employers name leave her lips.

    Motivation:Just recently she decided to try making her own cloths as bargaining with sales people tends to piss her off and then realizing she needs leathers and cloth so she’s decided to also start hunting it actually helped her kill people faster. Her motives are unclear as she never speaks.

    Starting Stats

    Health: 13
    Magic: 1
    Stamina: 15
    Strength: 15
    Agility: 15

    Weapons: 10


    History: The years of taycees life where hard in mistcliff, she was a mute living in a bustling town to hear the noises of the town drove her mad to the point of killing people. But she found her center of peace when she shot her first arrow, the sound the strings twing would make even her silent lips want to speak again. So she wanted to use her new found peace to silence those who made to much noise. Over time she drew too much attention to herself after people began to say a girl was killing people at night. The guard in mistcliff almost caught her so she ran from the town. She been on the run for a few years recently she’s heard of an assassins guild getting paid to kill people that sounds lovely to her ears.

    RP Sample: not gona do one as it would be pointless i am not applying for a high level.

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    Re: Taycee Therdra

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