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    Post  Falabella Shire on Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:30 pm

    ok, everyone... the Books in the Library are on the verge of being mandatory... if you do not know what it is... check out mine here Book of Falabella this is located in the Library in Skills/Spells & Equipment

    now, it's really simple to do, and it's so handy for finding your stuff quickly, I put a link to my Book in my signature.  Now when I want to find my spells because I can't remember the exact mana cost or something, I just click into the book, and click the link that leads to my spell that I placed inside my Book

    Very simple to do

    Start out in any order you want, I don't care... armor first, or weapons, etc.etc. just make sure they are divided so they are easy to find.

    to add a link, super easy... when posting... see the bottom row of... things lol... where you Bold or Underline, or change your font color... anyways... it's the 3rd from the left on the bottom row beneath the Underline thingy.  It will pop up a little box that has 2 rows.  in the top row, it will have http:... that is where you will copy paste your spell or ability or armor or whatever into (when u click inside the box the http that was there will disappear so u don't have to worry about deleting it or anything.  Now the bottom row is where you type in what it was "Damaging Needles" or whatnot...

    Any questions, reply to topic instead of PMing me, someone else may be able to answer as well so it's not just me =)

    I know it's a little time consuming, especially if you have a lot of weapons or spells... but it's SO worth it to not have to go searching through All the spells/weapons/etc. just to find one of yours.  

    And this is stuff that you created or use, not everything that belongs to others... but if you use something that was created by someone else and have gotten permission to use, then u may link it

    +1 Magic, +10 (making it 30) Bard
    5 Damage Resistance, 5 Magic Resistance, 1 Fire Resistance
    Claws MM - 13, Spikes MM - 13, Damaging Needles MM - 9

    There are Damaging Needles - MM weaved into her corset, giving her additional Defense, when hit they will break when they reach the Rating #.  10 in front, back, and each side, with 4 reg Damaging Needles in front and 2 on each side and back.  As I throw them, I will state which area I take them from.

    Book of Falabella - to see my equipment and abilities/spells

    News for Everyone!  Library Book Falabe10

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