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    First Name: Amaterasu
    Last Name: Hayabusa

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 4'11
    Weight: 101
    Birthday: June 6
    Relationships: none

    Province: (name of a town and what continent you’re from)
    Level: (will instantly be one)
    Element: (fire, water, etc.)
    Specialization: (what kind of weapons or magic style do you use? Put your jobs you choose here.)

    Personality: (a few lines are ok, nothing really in-depth is needed)

    Motivation:(pretty much what makes you want to wake up or stay in bed all day?)


    Starting Stats




    History: Loneliness. That is what this was. When a group of villagers came to the outskirts of town to a little shack owned by a happy wedded couple all they found was a child and a huge disastrous mess of blood and gore. A lone child, sitting in a shack alone. there was an eerie sensation traveling through the air. There was a baby carriage with a name on it, which was assumed to have been made for the baby, this is where she would get her name. The child was crying, so the villagers, although reluctantly would take her into their care. When she was born something snapped in the world. She wasn't normal that was obvious. The outcome of her birth surely showed this. Both parents gruesomely exploded onto the walls when she emerged. That shack was now restricted to just about everyone, and no one really wanted to see it anyways. It was to become the basis of many legends and horror stories later.

    The Villagers noted that she had a different body structure then any normal human should. They honestly had no idea, and the parents were so indescribable deformed that they were unable to tell. Her appearance was demonic in a sense, but she was still a child. They wouldn't just kill her, although many were tempted to. She had shown a great dislike to water, and the chief, who toke responsibility for taking care of her, toke note of this and found alternative ways to getting her clean. Her distinctive hatred towards the sun had also been realized by then, so they would never force her outside. People kept mysteriously dying in the village not much sooner then Amaterasu was found. People did suspect her, she looked evil after all, so riots started forming outside the chiefs house. He assured them though, that the cute little thing wouldn't hurt a fly. In reality, she would just kill it faster then its pain receptors could respond.

    The insecurity of people was truly a marvel to behold. Just because something is different doesn't always mean it is bad, but for so many people, they could care less, It is different and they want it gone. Even small differences can upset people. Prejudice. People were, are, and always will be full of it. Too scared of change, even if its right in front of them. Was it a natural instinct or an emotion the brain developed after a while? Whatever one argues, it is still terrible. Why is the world we live in full of so much hate? Maybe, that's how life is programmed, to only care for oneself, maybe it is all one huge survival game.

    After half a year filled with numerous deaths, it was official, they would kill the child. The child was growing tremendously in this time, her demonic features becoming ever so prominent, it was only a matter of time before they could no longer recognize her as a human being. They had brought her to the town square and chained her up. They had the chopping block positioned and it was all prepared. The chief disapproved of this greatly, but it was the only way to keep the hungry beast happy. They could no longer handle it. After nightfall had started to come and the villagers had enough of throwing rocks and any other item they could muster at her, they finally let the ceremony proceed. After the priest showed up and sprayed holy water in her face, which she snarled and let out screams about, he began to pray. The prayer would echo out through her entire body. It was painful to listen to. It was making her angry, so much more angry.

    The priest stopped, but it was a little too late. Amaterasu would start to bashfully thrash about. Her strength actually starting to break the chain. The ax was about to cut off her head when the chains snapped. She disappeared for a second, almost if she had used a body flicker technique. She reappeared on top of the executioner, whose head was on backwards. She made what could have been a giggling sound almost. Silence fell among the crowd. The horror was indescribable. Even the Chief was aghast. She soon stepped off the falling body of the Executioner, and her face rose, bloody and smiling. A demented smile.

    To this day you can still visit the village, see the rotting bodies. No one was found alive from the village, and it would have remained quiet if traders hadn't seen it. It could have been described as a ghost town in a way. The houses were all stained with blood. Damage was everywhere. Some of the poor sobs were killed in the most horrific way. Some died of internal injuries with no external sign, some were burnt into ashes, others were just plainly beat to death. All the women, children, even pets and livestock, they were all in the afterlife. The perpetrator of the massacre never found, and people were hoping it would stay that way.

    Living in the woods wasn't nearly as tough as one would have thought it would be for a small girl, mostly due to her demon like features, she was able to live among the fauna quite easily. She played many games with the wild animals, such as tag, where she would chase bunnies till she got tired, and then she ripped their necks out and eat them whole. One couldn't tell if she enjoyed it or not, after all she was alone. A child alone in the woods, usually brings one sad thoughts, this one? Not so much. She thrived in the outdoors, she was at home, like an animal. There were very little travelers in these woods to bother her, so she would roam freely playing with the plants and animals, marking territory and just doing kid things, it was an interesting life.

    One day a traveler did pass through these woods. He was off to some other village and he decided to take a new route, in hopes that it would be faster. He wasn't travelling with much, just a backpack full of goods, rather light though. He wandered the woods, he was going at a nice pace, thinking about home, and also the village he was going towards. He started noticing a large number of animal carcasses through the woods, more then anyone would ever expect. It looked like enough to thin out the animal population by the thousands. It didn't seem to be hunting though, it was more animal-like, ripped by teeth. It was rather scary, all the animals everywhere, rotting down. He was starting to quicken his pace. Whatever predator it maybe, residing in this forest, he didn't want to meet it. He started rushing through, going faster and faster. Till out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something. No, it wasn't something, it was someone. He saw a small girl shaped creature, covered in deer blood and ripping the carcass of the deer apart. The man was horrified. It was a little gremlin creature covered in blood. The man then toke of screaming, trying to get out of the forest as fast as humanly possible.  

    As soon as he got to the next town, he busted down the door to the nearest public building. It just so happened that he bust into a bar. He started telling his story, how he found the demon, the wreck it had caused to the forests ecosystem and animal population, and other crazy fantasies his imagination had came up with. He was no longer able to think straight, infused with so much fear. The bar folk just laughed at the man. They all assumed he was drunk or taking some strange medication. It was hard to believe his story, after all, it was so far-fetched. Who has ever heard of a demon girl living in the woods? It sounded like a children story, to keep youngsters from wandering too far. So the man walked away, now doubting what he had seen.

    Many people would wander the woods, trying to find this mysterious legend, if only so they could laugh about it later, but that wouldn't be the case. People who entered the woods wouldn't comeback. This attracted the attention of many townsfolk and mercenaries. Soon missions, to find what was taking the people were held, but again, to no avail. People had even started speculating it to be a dragon. One particular visitor really caught the eye of the little tyke Amaterasu. It was a shadowy figure in a robe of some sort. The figure found Amaterasu, sitting in a flower bed, covered by innocent people, their blood painting over the flowers. A crimson pool. The figure had a smile over its face as it looked at the devil child. "Why don't you come play with us?" It said, to Amaterasu in a friendly yet somewhat sinister voice as he/she bent down and put his/her hand out. Amaterasu just gurgled an inexplicable message and then started walking towards her new friend.

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