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    Lucy Mors (WiP)

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    Lucy Mors (WiP)

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    First Name: Luceal (Lucy)
    Last Name: Mors

    Race: Human/Elf
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 129lbs
    Birthday: March 24th
    Relationships: None

    Province: Aturm
    Level: 1
    Element: Dark
    Specialization: Blood Magic, Dark Healing, First Aid, Hunting/Trapping, Cooking, Leatherworking/Tailoring

    Personality: Lucy is a young women who possess a blood lust like no other. It has become so potent that is has surpassed the boundaries of even the worst kind of obsessions, becoming a horrific stimulate for the women. The feel of it flowing in between her fingers, the smell that it fills the air with, it's gleaming dark ruby color, even it's bitter sweet taste; all things that will send this girl into a frenzy that borders insanity. If she doesn't fulfill this blood lust, her emotions will tend to become unbalanced and her hands will generally shake nervously.  

    However, the scariest part about this girl is not how she will react around blood, but how she will go looking for it, killing anything in her way, stating that she loves the feeling of extinguishing another life to fulfill her own. With no sense of mercy or remorse to hinder her actions, Lucy will even sacrifice her own allies at times, either for lust, survival or a dispute. This had lead to her often end up being alone, which tends to not bother her much.

    Lucy's other great obsession, ironically enough, is life. She relishes in the pleasures that life has to offer her, which will even feed her blood lust, being one of her many sources of pleasure. This makes Lucy herself almost like a walking contradiction, being she loves her own life so much that she takes others to feel alive. However, being no fool, despite her unbalanced nature, Lucy is not one to follow through on an obsession if it means a good chance she will die or become badly injured. She will then try to find another means to fulfill her desires.

    Despite all of the death and insanity that is usually fixated around this girl and her actions, there is a lighter side to her. While her blood lust is tame and her emotions are stable, the young women can be actually nice and friendly. She'll laugh and try to enjoy her life to the fullest, for it is all she knows.

    Motivation: Lucy is a women who even as a child, relished her own life. She will do anything she can to maintain it, even if it means taking the life and strength from others. She also is one to try to better it anyway she can, seeking as much enjoyment as possible.


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