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    this is why the site has new reply boxes


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    this is why the site has new reply boxes

    Post  forty on Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:27 am

    New Editor For Forumotion forums

    Forumotion is pleased to announce the arrival of its new editor on your Forums 

    We have chosen a simple and complete messages editor that allows you to have a direct view of items to put on your forum pages (images, text, colors ...)

    This is what it look's like:

    This editor is composed of two modes:

    • WYSIWYG mode,
      Which displays the elements as they should appear on-line on your forum.
    • Source code mode,
      Which displays all the corresponding BBCode tags.

    You can switch between thoses two modes via this button:

    Here is a detailed list of the new Editor Features:


     1. With the integration of the new editor, two options become obsolete in your admin panel and therefore were deleted: 

    • Enable extended message editor
    • Enable WYSIWYG by default in messages

     2. This new editor is still in beta. Therefore, there may still be some bugs. These will be corrected by gathering feedback from the community. (It should be noted that the change will not be in your admin panel.)

    Important : So that this update can be taken into account, members which have forums in PhpBB2 & PunBB versions with the templates posting_body and/or profile_add_bodypersonalized must absolutely consider the changes below in case of they would have modified the templates listed above.

    We hope you'll enjoy it ! 

    Best regards,

    ForuMotion Staff.

    ForuMotion Important Announcement


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