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    Sharpened Steel Parrying Daggers (1,650 Gold)

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    Sharpened Steel Parrying Daggers (1,650 Gold)

    Post  Saori Pegason on Mon May 27, 2013 12:02 pm

    Name: Sharpened Steel Parrying Dagger
    Requirements: 20 Agility, 20 Hand-to-Hand
    Stamina cost: 1 per Dagger
    Type: Specially Crafted Dagger
    Element: N/A
    Materials: Sharpened Steel Daggers (or Variants)
    Weight : 4 Lbs. Each
    Range: 11 Inches
    Base Damage: 14
    Other Damage: Has a unique property aspect, which, if parrying a weapon, deals an additional 4 Weapon Rating damage to the opposition's weaponry.
    Level needed: 2
    Ammo: N/A
    Description: This narrow dagger features a specially designed guard that can deflect attacks. A character proficient with the parrying dagger can treat it with weapon enhancements. Every enhancement added not only adds on to its base damage and weapon rating, it also grants an additional +2 to its Other Damage ratio when parrying an opponent's weapon. (1 Enhancement = +2 WR. 2 Enhancements = +4 WR. 3 Enhancements = +6 WR.)
    Weapon Rating: 28 (52 Joint Attack with 2 Daggers), 32 (When Parrying)
    Blunt Damage Factor: 0
    Piercing Damage Factor: 18
    Slashing Damage Factor: 10


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