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    Horse killer


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    Horse killer

    Post  forty on Sat May 18, 2013 1:17 pm

    Name: Horse Killer
    level: 10-15
    Class: Common Boss
    Type: Quadruped Dragon
    Height: 10-15' at shoulders
    Weight: 5-7 tons
    Health: 1500-2500
    Melee Def: 1000
    Magic Def: takes double magic damage (200%) from all types except Earth.  With Earth it has 0 defense so it takes 100% of the attack
    Melee Attacks:
    Arm Bash -50 damage (Blunt)
    Tail Mace/Attack - 200 damage (Blunt w/ Pierce)
    Magic attacks: Howl - calls more Horse Killers to it
    Speed: Faster than an Agility Horse but barely slower than a Speed Horse
    Material Drops: Horse Killer Metal, Horse Killer Hide, Tail, 3 Talons per foot = 12, Teeth, Horse Killer Meat, Head (no hair), Raw Iron in Stomach,  Possible Gem loot from Stomach, Urine in Bladder.  Stomach acid.
    Exp: 1000-1500
    Alignment: Neutral, unless with a horse.
    Food Sources: Horses and Iron Ore
    Found: All over
    Equipment: Only Metal can be made into Unique Rarity Armor
    -Metal Armor:
    Horse Killer Metal (Heavy Metal Armor no matter how you form it), Heavy Bones (Heavy Metal Armor) +9 Physical Resistance over Iron
    Horse Killer Metal in it's natural form (not melted down) - need to  be level 9 to wear, melted down needs to be level 7 to wear
    Horse Killer Bones - need to be level 9 to wear
    Resistance ratio.    Damage-to-your-Armor-Rating:Damage-to-your-Health
    Blunt  20:1
    Pierce 14:1
    Slash 16:1
    Fire 0:1
    Water 0:1
    Air 0:1
    Earth 0:1
    Light 0:1
    Dark 0:1
    Lightning 0:1
    Other 0:1

    -Leather Armor:
    Horse Killer Leather (Heavy Leather Armor) +9 to Physical Resistance
    Horse Killer Leather - need to be level 6 to wear
    Resistance ratio.    Damage-to-your-Armor-Rating:Damage-to-your-Health
    Blunt  20:2
    Pierce 11:2
    Slash 14:2
    Fire 0:2
    Water 0:2
    Air 0:2
    Earth 0:2
    Light 0:2
    Dark 0:2
    Lightning 0:2
    Other 0:2

    -Cloth Armor:

    Horse Killer Metal - +9 Damage over Iron, need to be level 5 to use if melted down and recreated into something new, level 9 to use if in it's natural form
    Talons, need to be level 5 to use
    Tail, need to be level 9 to use
    Teeth (for arrows), need to be level 5 to use

    Element: Earth
    Bio: The Horse Killer is a dragon with no wings, so they are very nimble on their feet as they have been shown to be faster than horses. But they get there namesake 'Horse Killer' from the fact the creature prefers horse meat over all other kinds, because of this they attack travelers who are on horseback.  Granted they will eat other things if they are weakened or starving, or they will attack the rider if they attack them.

    The Horse Killer’s body is covered in a natural metal that grows off them, making them extremely tough to fend off.  This metal is flexible but stronger than steel making a great material to work with, but this metal is very weak to magic.  As it’s like heavy armor plating, only heavy armor can be made from this tough metal.

    During times of growth Horse Killers will flock around iron mines and eat the raw iron oxide. Making them great trackers to large iron deposits, it is not uncommon for Horse Killers to take over a mine that is rich in iron. As most large males will often control a large iron rich territory, smaller males will often submit to the larger male in order to eat at the mines.  Female will only mate with males that have iron rich grounds or mines so they can use it to burrow and lay their eggs so the young Horse Killers can feed off the iron.

    During mating season large males will roam to bring females back to their dens, but when males fight it’s a sight to behold as it’s not until what one gives up... its to the death. Males are easy to tell apart from females as their tail is not a mace like axe but is more like a ball of hard metal quills used to pierce rival male's armors, also they are bigger than females and the body’s muscles are easier to see.

    The sound of a Horse Killer is a shrieking sound, quite easy to tell apart from other animals. Because they feast on horses they are actually quite smart and will wait outside of cities and towns to attack people. Be careful as the scent of a horse will make them follow you.

    Hints: Bale off your horse and leave it.
    Variant species:


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