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    Post  Marga coreta on Mon May 13, 2013 4:17 pm

    Defense Rating: Defense Rating is basically the amount of Health your piece of armor has. This is similar to Weapon Rating, as that is also the amount of Health your weapon has, though is used only to determine the outcome of an attack on your opponent during damage calculation. If Defense Rating is over the amount of weapon rating or spell rating done by an opponent, it absorbs the damage of the spell and deducts it from your Defense Rating. Similar to how if you get hit by a weapon, you lose Health Points. Simple. If your armors defense rating drops to 0 or below, it breaks. If your Health Points drop to 0 or below, you die.

    Weapon Rating: Weapon Rating is basically both the amount of Health your weapon has as well as how effective it is against a piece of armor your opponent has. Weapon Rating, health wise, is only affected if used to parry or block an attack from an opponent’s weapon or spell. If your weapon rating is damaged and brought to 0 or below, the weapon breaks and shatters. When used against Defense Rating: If your weapon rating is over your opponents Defense Rating, it causes the armor to break or shatter, exposing that part of the opponents body for direct damage, regardless of whether the opponent has any other armor on. That piece of armor is rendered destroyed.

    IE: If the Defense Rating of the chestplate of your opponent is broken by your Weapon Rating, the chest is now exposed to direct attacks from your weapon or spell. If you target the gauntlets or helmet, the Defense Rating for them applies as explained in the Defense Rating breakdown,

    To determine Weapon Rating, it is base damage multiplied by 2. To determine Defense Rating, it is based off of the material your armor was made from. Shields made from materials naturally have a higher Defense Rating. Any shields made by any material have an additional +10 Defense Rating compared to any piece of armor crafted from that material.

    Spell Rating: Spell Rating acts similarly to how Weapon Rating acts against Defense Rating. Refer to Weapon Rating and Defense Rating breakdowns to see how damage is applied. If a Spell is used against another Spell, this is similar to how Weapon Rating applies to parrying or blocking an attack from another Weapon.

    IE: If your Spell Rating is at least 10 points higher than your opponents spell in direct contact, their spell is overpowered and continues heading to your opponent. If your Spell Rating is at least 10 points lower than your opponents spell in direct contact, your spell is overpowered and their spell continues heading toward you. If your Spell Rating is equal to your opponents Spell Rating, the two clash and cancel each other out immediately, causing a shockwave.

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