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    Alexi Abramov


    Alexi Abramov
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    Alexi Abramov

    Post  Alexi Abramov on Wed May 08, 2013 5:28 pm

    First Name: Alexi
    Last Name: Abramov

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5 foot 6 Inches
    Weight: 130 Pounds
    Birthday: September 12
    Relationships: She was seperated from her traveling merchant parents a few years back.

    Province: Lymphae (Traveled a lot so she does not really have a home town.)
    Level: 1
    Element: Light
    Specialization:  Magic, Mining, Enchanting and Cooking

    Personality: If there were a personification of lazy Alexi would be it.  She uses her abilities to avoid heavy labor at all costs.  She has a bit of a dark side that the naive may not expect from anyone who can heal.  Her humor can be lacking at times.

    Motivation:  Her motivation is that she has no motivation.  She lounges around and when she needs to get some more money she will go out and get some money.  She may at one point try to learn more about her natural abilities.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 10
    Magic: 30
    Stamina: 8 +2 Light Bonus
    Strength: 6
    Agility: 10

    Weapons: 1
    Hand-to-hand: 5


    History:  Born to traveling merchants from Lymphae in Luminarium she has traveled the world.  Truth be known though, if her parents were straight business people they probably wouldn't have had to move around so much.  One day when they were running away from an angry mob of past clients in Humus she was seperated from her parents.  That was approximately 4 years agon.  Since then she has gone town to town doing as little as possible to make money.
    It was during this 4 years that she came into her abilities which made it easier to lounge around.  She also got some unwanted attention though due to her abilities by people that didn't understand them.  As a matter-of-fact that wasn't the only kind of unwanted attention she got as she grew into her body.  Without proper upbringing she doesn't quite know how to react to advances.  This leads to several extremely awkward moments around other people.

    RP Sample:  Alexi sits in a restauraunt.  She is very hungry so she levitates a fork in front of her and stabs it into her food.  She then levitates it to her mouth and bites into it before levitating the fork away.  She then chews it up and swallows it.  Afterwards she levitates a napkin and makes it wipe of her face before levitating it back down on the table.

    FaceClaim/how you found us  

    Source: Mr. Von Ronsenberg

    Face Claim:  Panty from Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt.

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    Re: Alexi Abramov

    Post  forty on Wed May 08, 2013 6:12 pm

    approved. this is a pure mage here. no if ands or buts.

    you can only recover magic by sleeping in inns or being hit by magic spells.


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