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    Streets Upon Mountains

    Saori Pegason
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    Streets Upon Mountains

    Post  Saori Pegason on Mon May 06, 2013 5:16 pm

    Saori had been traveling along the mountainous structure which surrounded the borderlines of Humus for days. It was a pain having to hike around the gigantic terrain, avoiding fallen boulders, sabre cats and even mountain trolls. Many of the wild animals which lived in the wild around here were much too powerful or quick to have been captured or killed by Saori, despite her skills and accolades. She found an opening which led from a dirty, well worn, path, which inevitably led to the city streets she now walks upon.

    Looking around, she would see nothing more than what seemed to be slums of a lesser and formerly powerful district. Flags and emblems lay on the ground, and those hanging seemed to be partially burnt or even torn. Saori assumed these were flags which signified the ruling of a royal family which, most likely, if there was one, had been brought down from power and killed off. This type of civil warfare was something Saori was perfectly attuned to, as well as the lifestyle of those she could see as she passed them.

    Her dark skin showed no interest to the penetrating sunshine above, even a cloud further darkened her appearance, blackening her figure to the same caliber as her soul. So many people homeless, amputees, even striving for a crumb of bread. It was painfully ignorant to watch and do nothing about, but, Saori was poor herself. The only thing she did have going for her was her ability to fight and utilize the power of darkness to her advantage.
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    Re: Streets Upon Mountains

    Post  Npc Captains on Mon May 06, 2013 6:11 pm

    A city guard walks up to Saori, there was a notice in his hands. As he stopped in front of the newly arrived he began to read it. “Milady, due to the lack of able bodied guard, we are here by recruiting every able body being to take up arms against the masses of monster stirred up by recent events. This order was given by the peacekeepers.” The guard then lowered the notice so he could look at Saori. Reaching in to a pouch he pulled out an odd looking token, handing it towards Saori. “This token will get you some basic armor and weapons from the armory down the road, as well as some gold coin given for enlisting in to the recruitment army. If you have any questions please ask the barrack captain. He will have more details any questions you may have.” The guard would then walk along looking for more people to recruit.

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