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    Lilith Tali

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    Lilith Tali

    Post  Lilith on Fri May 03, 2013 10:32 pm

    First Name: Lilith
    Last Name: Tali

    Race: Elf/Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 115
    Birthday: Feb 14
    Relationships: none

    Province: Atrum,The deadlands
    Level: 1
    Element: Dark
    Specialization: Magic Bows and short sword. Herbalist and Languages/Enchanting


    Personality: Lilith loves to be around a people she is ongoing active

    Motivation: The world itself makes Lilith want to get up travel around collecting every herb she can find


    Starting Stats

    Health: 11
    Magic: 14
    Stamina: 9
    Strength: 10
    Agility: 11

    Weapons: 9
    Hand-to-hand: 8


    History: Lilith was born a orphan. She never knew who her parents were since both of them died when she was two years old. When she turned sixteen Lilith moved to mendefera because she heard they had the best herbs in the world. Lilith studied in learning ancient languages and Studied in plants to become the best healer in the world. Lilith parent met when Lilith's father a human was badly injured after trying to fight a feral Minotaur. Lilith's mother was walking through when she saw him on the ground bleeding. She fixed him up taking him to her small village. After He got better he left the village without a word,but he later return because he left his bag behind that is when he saw her out in her garden tending to her plants when he asked her to marry him.

    RP Sample: Sitting on in the field picking herbs Lilith turns her head to the direction of a rustling noise. Reaching for her short sword a deer comes rushing through the field charging pass her "Now what was that all about?" She asked herself until she saw a frost troll run out behind the deer. Lilith jumps to her feet and grabbing her basket of herbs and running through the forest dodging tree. "Jeez this guy won't give up." She said turning around to see that the troll was still following her. Lilith runs to the end of a cliff sliding off the edge stabbing her sword into the rock watching the troll fall off the edge. Pulling herself up Lilith drops her basket "Come on seriously. Damn troll just couldn't give up."

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source: Tokara Shire

    Face Claim: Erza Scarlet from Fairytale

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    Re: Lilith Tali

    Post  forty on Fri May 03, 2013 10:51 pm

    well approved... not the best character app... but she passes. but knowing where you face claim came from would help.


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