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    Wildmages Synthesis spell


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    Wildmages Synthesis spell

    Post  forty on Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:24 pm

    Name: Synthesis
    Requirements: Wild mage, Must have just killed something: animal/creature/character and dealt the final blow, can not be done again once done to one creature.
    Stamina cost: none
    Mana cost:  100% of your remaining mana
    Post duration: Instant cast and effect.
    Type: High level fusion spell.
    Element: None.
    Range: the user must be touching the dead body while casting.
    Base Damage: none
    Other Damage: none
    Level needed: 1
    Rp Sample link: admin created
    Downside: Can only be used once per Wildmage to one animal/creature/character, no take backs or changing your creature.  Drains all magic.  Must get to the body and cast spell within 2 posts of the creature's death (Ex. you are a ranged fighter, or it was a flying beast and landed somewhere not at your feet).  If you do not get to it within 2 posts, you cannot do the spell.
    Description: Once a wild mage has dealt a final blow to an animal/creature/character that they wish to become permanently (through transformation with a separate spell, not meaning you will be in that form all the time... unless you wish to be). This spell is just to solidify the choice of the Wildmage's transformation form.  When they go to use this spell they see the aura of the animal/creature/person they are about to become in the fullest form.  All creatures that are purely good... devoid of all evil: alicorns, unicorns, and other pure creatures, your form will become black if the Wildmage killed them out of pure joy just to kill them.

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