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    Gem Pistols new

    Post  forty on Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:25 am

    i know there would be some people who would want a gun so i am making a style of guns that dont use metal bullets or gunpowder. how ever they are the most exspensive type of weapon, and reqire not only speical templates to make but also rare items like gems and an fancy blacksmith and enchanting skills to make them. they are also limited on what they can do. and by exspensive i mean on avage for a single shot style one its around 2mill gold coins to even get one. also the base level to use them is level 6.

    this style of weapons are no faster then bows and only shoot magic spells, they also can be crafted by those who have the speical blueprint, they can be crafted by players at level 100 blacksmithing, 100 enchanting and aslong as they have a bluebrint for it aswell and the style of ammo used in the blueprint. more will be ironed out.


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