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    Mining Leveling Guide

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    Mining Leveling Guide

    Post  Kai Takeo on Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:58 am

    Mining Leveling Guide

    Can only mine 1 pound per post

    Core Metal:  These ores do not have a special characteristic in them and have no magical resistances.  With these, a Blacksmith can create weapons and armor.  Additional Elemental Ore can be added to create a special effect.  Elemental Metals need to be alloyed with a Core Metal to become worth using in armors and weapons.  The higher the ratio of Elemental Metal vs Core Metal, you get high magic damage or resistance but it is rather brittle.

    Iron – Most basic metal found about everywhere.  It sells for 25 gold a pound.  Gear made from this is common.  Can be alloyed with other things to make stronger weapons and armor for low ranks.

    Common Ore – Gold, Silver, Hematite – Metals stronger then iron.  Normally not in high demand.  They sell for 50 gold per pound.

    Natural Steel – Mostly formed in areas where volcanic activity is happening.  Sells for 100 gold per pound.

    Monster Metal – A metal compound found on the bodies of some creatures.  Quite rare to get your hands on as creatures don’t like being struck with a pickaxe.  Sells for 500 gold a pound.  Used for mostly for armors.

    Dragon Bone – A very interesting metal.  Looks a lot like bone but it’s not.  It’s a metal that made a blade able to cut dragon scale rather easily.  Any blacksmith would gladly make a fine weapon edges with this stuff if you allow them to keep the left over.  It’s durable and is for higher ranking weapons.  It sells for 2500 a pound. Mostly found in the land of dragons, but anywhere else most of the mines it’s found in require a write of passage to get in.

    Rare Ore – Titanium and Platinum – These are amazing durably and rare to find, but with enough mining and some luck you can find nice amount of it.  Sell for 5000 gold a pound.

    Iridium – The most sought after metal because it is used to upgrade weapons and armor.  Also is used to alloy elemental weapons and armor.  Sells for 10000 per pound.  Very hard to find this ore.

    Rare Space Ore – This is not mined, but found.  Find just a scrap of this metal and you become the talk of the area.  The durability of weapons or armor made these metals is unheard of.  It’s a Blacksmith’s dream to even tinker with a pound.  Sells for a whopping 10,000 gold a pound.  Admins control where this Ore is found.

    Elemental Metals:  There are cases of metals taking on the element of the land.  They are lesser versions of the metals of legend.  The natives of each of the lands where the ore can be found often guard it because most weapons will get a magical damage base.  Any armor made from these metals will get a bit of resistance to a specific magic damage.  These metals need to be alloyed with a core metal to become worth using in armors and weapons.  The higher the ratio of Elemental Metal vs Core Metal, you get high magic damage or resistance but it is rather brittle.

    Fire Metals – Fire metal is always hot.  Armor made from it needs to be alloyed with other metals to keep from burning the wearer.  Weapons that use this get burning/fire damage. Sells for 1000g per pound.

    Rock Metals – Used mostly for armors because the metal is very heavy yet resistant to damage.  The weapons/armor made from this get a massive boost to Weapon/Armor Rating but also cost more stamina.  This metal is often combined with Air Ore in order to make it less heavy.  Sells for 1000g per pound.

    Air Ore – Oddly named metal because it’s extremely light and sharp but is very easy to dull quickly.  Most heavy armors use this metal to rivet pieces together to make it lighter.  Sells for 1000g per pound.

    Water Ore – Much like Air Ore it is light but it’s known for its clear watery blue look.  Even though it’s called water, it boosts ice and water resistance for armors and frost bite for weapons.  Sells for 1000g per pound.

    Black Steel – This Ore is black as night and very beautiful.  It is known best as a metal that inflicts silence on people.  But it’s also been known to even boost magic damage of other Element Ores in weapons and boost resistance of armor from magic.  Sells for 1000g per pound.

    Light Ore – This isn’t a metal but crystal.  It actually heals much like healing magic, but getting your hands on its like meeting a dragon in person on a nice day.  When used in weapons it can cause massive bleeding but in armors it will heal a small amount of health over time.  This ore is rarely used in armor as it’s very brittle to even the most skilled blacksmith.  Sells for 1000g per pound.

    Lightning Crystal – This is Lightning actually crystalized.   Its uses are so wide ranged it’s not often used in weapons or armor. This is the most common mining mineral to see growing naturally but is extremely hard to mine.  Sells for 1000g per pound.

    Arcane Metal – It’s unknown what this metal does (ask admin).  Sells for 5000g per pound.

    Gems – Gems are Enchantable with different spells.  An enchanter is needed to do this.  A Miner finds the gems, a Leatherworker can socket them into leather and cloth, and a Blacksmith can socket them into metal and wood (armor, weapons, jewelry, etc.).  Finding Gems is Event rolled.  2 #1 rolls.  First roll for standard event.  Second roll for gem event (which gem and how much).  

    Sapphire – Sells for 2000 gold.
    Ruby – Sells for 4000 gold.  
    Emerald – Sells for 8000 gold.  
    Diamond – Sells for 16000 gold.    
    Onyx – Sells for 32000 gold.  

    Level 15
    You can mine Iron ore.
    Level 20
    You can smelt Iron ore.  You can mine Fire Metals and Water Ore.  You can now safely remove a Saphire gem without damaging it.
    Level 25
    You can smelt Fire Metals and Water Ore.  You can mine Natural Steel.
    Level 30
    You can smelt Natural Steel.  You can mine Air Ore and Rock Metals.
    Level 35
    You can smelt Air Ore and Rock Metals.  You can mine Silver, Gold, and Hematite.
    Level 40
    You can smelt Silver, Gold, and Hematite.  You can mine Black Steel and Light Ore.  You can now safely remove a Ruby gem without damaging it.
    Level 45
    You can smelt Black Steel and Light Ore.  You can mine Monster Metal.
    Level 50
    You can smelt Monster Metal.  You can mine Dragon Bone
    Level 60
    You can smelt Dragon Bone.  You can mine Titanium and Platinum.  You can now safely remove an Emerald gem without damaging it.
    Level 70
    You can smelt Titanium and Platinum.  You can mine Lightning Crystal.
    Level 80
    You can smelt Lightning Crystal.  You can mine Iridium.  You can now safely remove a Diamond gem without damaging it.
    Level 90
    You can smelt Iridium.  You can mine Arcane Metal.
    Level 100
    You can smelt Rare Space Ore.  You can smelt Arcane Metal.  You can now safely remove Onyx without damaging it.

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