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    Dudeth Orleghym

    Dudeth Orleghym
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    Dudeth Orleghym

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    First Name:  Dudeth
    Last Name: Orleghym
    Race: Elf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 125
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 200
    Birthday: January 1st
    Relationships: None

    Province: Jeweled City, Luminarium
    Level: 3
    Element: Light
    Specialization: Tailoring, Mining.  Dual Katana, Dual Crystal Pistols (Cuz it rhymes, yeauh!)

    Vice:  Mutating Mental-Case

    Positive to the vice:  +2 Health Regeneration per post.

    Negative to the vice:  Same encounter rate as humans but when with humans has an additional +1 encounter rate.



    Dudeth has his brain scrambled, Literally.  His personality is bound to change from minute to minute.  Sometimes he can be on a rant about something, forget what he was ranting about, and then change subject completely without acting as though anything had happened.  He is typically very crude, outspoken, and random.  He can go between being childish and perverted in a blur.  

    His sense of humor can be described as nothing other than odd.  Thanks to his mental issue, he does at times see hallucinations.  How they manifest themselves can vary greatly, and so can Dudeth's interpretation of them.  While he is mentally disturbed, he does still have a clear memory of his past and acknowledges the event that ultimately led to his current state.  He is very self-conscious of his looks and that is why he wears the full body suit to cover up his scarring.

    He is not very shy however, about looking like a fool.  He will willingly cross dress and do embarrassing things to himself and other people without a second thought.  He is surprisingly an exceptionally good swordsman and always has been.  He is however, now without his swords that he loved to use, and is having a hard time adjusting to human made weapons, as they are heavier and not as well crafted.  His healing however has really taken a toll from it as he cannot focus as well now.

    He takes magic seriously, though it may not show to those that do not know him.  It bothers him immensely that he cannot heal as he used to.  He constantly strives to regain at least a part of his prior healing skills.  Often though, they backfire and harm who they are used on in some way.  He'll use this to his advantage though as he will use his failed healing spells as an attack.

    Despite his total lack of mental control he is actually rather smart.  Though these glimpses of genius can be random at times.  They can be beneficial in the battlefield and he could be a pretty good general.  Of course due to his random nature he could set up a perfectly good ambush and suddenly yell out, "Tacos!  Get your Taco's Senor!"  Long story short, if he has a plan, don't trust it, no matter how good it seems.


    Dudeth used to be a very skilled and respected healer.  One day he discovered that he had cancer and was afraid of death.  Being a healer, he tried to cure it himself.  The result was a backfire and has led to many complications including the deterioration of his mental heath.  Due to this life can be very rocky for him.

    He has multiple things that currently motivate him.  Right now one of the things that motivates him is just getting back to what he used to be.  He has heard of a few cures but he had tried about half of them by now and none of them work.  The only ones left are ones that are more on the legendary side.  So finding one of these cures is part of his motivation.

    Also, a major motivation for him is what was mentioned early about regaining respect.  He has essentially been laughed out of his old town.  Of course the other part of that was him being openly perverted and being thrown out of town before he could be laughed out.  Because of those events he wishes to regain his honor.  He doesn't care if he does so by being a great warrior, healer or hero.

    Another one of his motivations is training birds to do aerial maneuvers and to have them carry banners that say how great he is.  He also wants to teach every parrot in the world how to say chimichanga in 8 different languages.  That way he can order them worldwide all at once and try them all.  Once he has accomplished that he wants to teach pelicans how to transform into a giant pelican that carries him around in its mouth.  He wants to do this so that he can have a portable hot tub that can take him places while he chillaxes.

    Another motivation of his is playing roshambo with every race of bipedal creature in the world.  He wants to do this to gauge exactly how smart and dirty each race is.  At the conclusion of this he will write a book titled "How to Have a ball while not getting hit in the balls."  This will be a book on roshambo defense strategies.  He hopes it will chart as a best seller someday.


    Starting Stats

    Health:  10
    Magic: 16
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 7
    Agility: 7

    Weapons:  15
    Hand-to-hand:  5


    History:  Dudeth was born as a distant relative to Imusa's legendary lineage.  Every elf with the same bloodline has an exceptional healing ability.  He was actually an exception to this in that he was gifted with an even greater than average skill.  Due to such he had a personal education from one of the best healers in his town.  He thrived under the tutelage and was on track to become the town's top healer.

    By the age of 25 he had indeed taken the position of the top healer of his town.  He was becoming more and more respected as his skills grew.  He then began traveling and healing around the world.  He did this for five years and his reputation grew he became respected as one of the best healers in the world at his age.  After a while he began to grow tired in his body and went back home.

    He had assumed that he was becoming tired because of all of the travelling but it wasn't as he would find out rather quickly.  He found a lump in his throat after some time.  He eventually determined that it was cancer.  He left the village and sequestered himself as he developed a spell to try and cure it.  The reason for sequestering himself was that it was far stronger than anything that he had ever tried before it took total focus.

    The spell at first seemed to be successful as he gained his strength back.  After a while though the negative side of this is shown.  His mental health begins to deteriorate causing him to act random at inopportune times.  This caused him to be a laughing stock, but he also began hitting on random people and acting overly perverted.  This got him thrown out by the guards in disgrace.  

    After this he didn't quite know how to handle it.  He spent a lot of time and several years running around the world causing randomness wherever he went.  He ended up about 30 years ago doing a nude marathon against his imaginary friends.  During one winter storm he got frozen solid and was only recently unthawed during a fight between a couple of dragons of lymphae as one used an oil based fire technique.  Now he finds himself in Rampart after another misadventure.

    RP Sample:

    Dudeth jumped over the horse killer's tail as he and the horse killer played leapfrog.  When it was the horse killer's turn it jumped and was going to land on him so dudeth DOES A BARREL ROLL!  and dodges it just in time.  He then starts to run away but he takes an arrow to the knee.  That's when the whambulance arrived and took Dudeth to the roflcopter where bugs bunny pulled the arrow out.  Then the wound starts to fill up with puss.

    Dudeth pops the puss filled wound and confetti in the shape of Patrick and Spongebob pops out.  "CHIMICHANGAS!"  yells Dudeth as he parachutes out of the roflcopter using a shower curtain that he kept in his pocket as a parachute.  As he plummets towards the earth the shower curtain burns away as he falls downwards in a ball of fire.  As he does so a beach chair appears under him and he pulls out some sun tan oil that he spreads over his suit.

    He lands on a Snorlax and makes it explode as the world shakes with a booming voice that yells "FATALITY!"  Dudeth then sees the horse killer that he was playing leap frog with and runs over to it.  The horse killer than speaks, "After seeing that I have to say, I BELIEVE IN MIRACLESSS!!!!  SINCE YOU CAME ALONG, YOU SEXY THING!!!"  Dudeth then slowly back away saying "Alrighty then"

    Dudeth then runs away and steals Cookie's sweetroll on the way by.  As he does so a guard comes up to him.  "HEY YOU!"  Dudeth ignores him because he's too imba for this shit.  The guard grabs onto Dudeth's shoulder and turns him around.  Dudeth frowns and yells,  "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!!!!!!!!"

    Upon the completion of this phrase His mask splits open and a big sparkly Hyper Beam fires out of his phase.  The attack is super effective and the guard turns into a jigglypuff.  Unfortunately the guard sings to Dudeth and causes him to fall asleep.  Once asleep the jigglyguard draws all over Dudeth's face.  He then drags Dudeth off to jail.

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