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    Blue Suzuki

    Blue Suzuki
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    Blue Suzuki

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    First Name: Blue
    Last Name: Suzuki

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 103 lbs.
    Birthday: April 26th
    Relationships: Sen Suzuki (Older brother, his elder by five years), Aki Suzuki (Mother), and Kohaku Suzuki (Father).

    Province: Iycen, Lymphae
    Level: 1
    Element: Water
    Specialization: Daggers, Short Swords. Jobs are: Leatherworking/Tailoring and Hunting/Tracking.

    Personality: Blue is very innocent and easy-going, not taking many things seriously. Because of this, he's also gullible, and can be fooled by the most obvious lies, which causes some serious troubles in his travels. However, this also makes it very easy for him to become friends with most people, fascinating them with his naive charm. Although Blue's innocence may indicate otherwise, the boy is very adventurous, never being able to sit still. The boy also loves a good battle every so often, testing his combat abilities against the most dangerous beasts and opponents. The most noticeable thing that strangers notice about Blue is his tendency to smile and laugh, no matter what situation he is in, always finding a cheerful side to any unfortunate event.

    Motivation: Blue's adventurous side is the cause of his constant need to travel and explore, whether or not his life is at risk. His main reason for wandering around the world, is to try to discover everything he doesn't already know, always curious about the next story he'll uncover through his various mishaps, seeking trouble wherever he goes to learn about various legends and cultures. The boy always tries to make friends wherever he goes, so that he never feels lonely, making sure his explorations include company, which allows him to overcome any situation. Blue also enjoys gathering stories and various trinkets from any town he goes to, while also fighting a variety monsters and learning about animals in hopes that one day, he'll create the world's greatest encyclopedia.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 10
    Magic: 8
    Stamina: 14
    Strength: 5
    Agility: 13

    Weapons: 15 (+2 Water)
    Hand-to-hand: 5


    History: Blue. That was the name Aki and Kohaku Suzuki chose for their child, after the world they lived in, the lakes, the snow, the frosted lands he was born in. Growing up, Blue always followed his older brother Sen around, always trying to be exactly like him, looking up to Sen's constant courage and strength. As the two got older, their bond grew to be unbreakable. One day, when Blue had just turned ten, the siblings were ambushed by thieves on the paths of Iycen. Outnumbered 10 to 1, Sen miraculously defeated the bandits with his superb skills at dual-wielding blades, which amazed Blue. The older brother saw the excitement on his face and decided it was finally time to teach him how to fight and prepare for the world.

    With every day passing, Blue became more agile and eventually, at the age of 14, he was able to best his brother in combat. The boy began to wonder about the world outside of his hometown, and started to learn about the other continents. After four months of pure research, he finally decided it was time to stop following his brother, and take on a path of his own.

    Traveling along the world, Blue learned of many myths and legends, and set out to test whether they were true or false, getting into trouble too often for his family's liking, but his brother wrote to him with support, always helping him in whatever way he could. To this day, Blue adventures wherever the stories take him, no matter the obstacles.

    RP Sample: "C'mon kid, we can't be out here forever!" Blue's guide hollered at him from below, as the white-haired boy searched the cave. "Yep! Just a second!" Blue yelled in reply to the man, shaking his head with disappointment at the lack of discoveries, realizing he'd come all this way for nothing. As the explorer found his way back to the cave entrance, he stumbled over something. "What's this...?" he tilted his head with wonder, picking up the object. It shined brightly and pulsed, as if there was a heartbeat inside of it. He assumed it was a stone, or gem, and a rare one at that, and heaved it to the front slowly. He was almost clear of the cave, when a roar erupted from behind, in the path of his footsteps.

    Blue chuckled as he realized his mistake. He slowly lowered the egg to the ground, and swung around as a glittering, frost dragon charged at him, its horns lowered as it tried to recover its egg from the intruder. The teenager leapt on top of the dragon's head and confused it, causing it to breath ice in rage all over its own residence, missing Blue as he simply rode on the dragon with excitement on his face. "Oh man this is fun!" the boy shouted as the gargantuan beast began to run out of stamina, collapsing on the cave floor as Blue jumped off his unwilling mount. "Hmm... I guess I'll leave the egg here so that the dragon doesn't disturb the people around here, but I'll just take some notes first," he pulled a small piece of paper out and used a tiny bit of flint to jot down information about the beast he had just conquered. He smiled cheerfully as he put the paper back into his right pocket, and lifted the egg with small effort. He laid it down next to its mother, and bounded down the cliff, looking to begin a new adventure.

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    I was going to say raise your age, but the strength stat is low enough for me to alow you to be at the age of 15.


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