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    wild magic brought in


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    wild magic brought in

    Post  forty on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:55 pm

    Wild magic is what happens when you’re born at sea. Wild mages are an interesting culture as they have no element affinity style they can use for massive spells. They can change shape to suit their lack of elements, shape shifting is a powerful magic that can only be done by wild mages. The process of shape shifting for a wild mage is they have to kill the monster or person they want to take the shape of. But once they have chosen they are permanently stuck with that morph and cannot change it. Here is an example: little Timmy decided to kill a cat because he always wanted to be a cat, after striking the final blow little Timmy is now able to turn in to a cat however after he grew up and fought a real monster he learned how pathetic taking the form of a cat really is.
    So wild mages must strike the final blow to the animal of their choice, but once chosen there is no swapping it for another. But here comes the handy part once you choose the animal mods will determent what stat actually increases because of the animals natural stats. So remember the better the monster the better the stat. giving as an example: little Timmy’s agility gets a +1 from choosing to kill a cat, Congratulations Timmy You fail.

    So here are the pros and cons of being a wild mage.
    - Wild mages can shape shift in to an animal or monster or another person.
    - At higher levels can morph parts of their body over full morphing. Example: Timmy turns his ears in to cat ears.
    - Can be a hybrid, look humanoid but retail all the psychical attributes of the animal. Example: Timmy turns himself in to a cat that walks like a man and talks like a man.

    - Wild mages cannot use elemental magic that is outside their monsters natural abilitys(if they do choose an animal with magical abilities).
    - They can’t choose a different animal after they have chosen.
    - They need to strike the final blow of the monster they want to turn in to. Meaning the need to see them die. Most wild mages are mental.
    - most mages who kill a unicorn or animals like them become a pitch black version.

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