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    Delivering an Official Letter

    Mr. Von Ronsenberg

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    Delivering an Official Letter

    Post  Mr. Von Ronsenberg on Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:42 pm

    Name of Quest: Delivering an Official Letter

    Name of Patron: Mr. Von Ronsenberg

    Starting Location: Barracks

    Requested Number of Quest Takers: 2-4

    Items Required to Take Quest: The Official Letter which will be handed to you at the Barracks.

    Quest Difficulty: 2

    Quest Description: I really must have this letter delivered to the older World Diplomat in Rampart. It is urgent. Any who open or lose this letter receive no rewards and may be prosecuted by the law for tampering with legal affairs.

    Reward: 1000 Gold per Quest Taker.

    Quest Expiration Date: 1/22

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