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    Novarak, Olivia

    Olivia Novarak
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    Novarak, Olivia

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    First Name: Olivia
    Family Name: Novarak
    Last Name: Redhaven

    Race: Half Minotaur, Half Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Height: 7 Ft.
    Weight: 647 lbs.
    Birthday: Sept. 2
    Relationships: Elise Novarak (Mother), Oliver Novarak Redhaven (Father), Camille Novarak Redhaven (Sibling)

    Province: Ironhurst, Humus
    Level: 1
    Element: Earth
    Specialization: Mining, First Aid
    Jobs: Blacksmithing/Crafting, Defensive Warrior
    Preferred Weapons: One Handed Weapons, Shield

    Personality: Olivia has a strong conviction; she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. Kind and caring, she will always help anybody however she can. Olivia will always always be as respectful as she can be; it is hard to put her in a bad mood.

    Motivation: Olivia seeks to come home being the best warrior she can be: a master in weaponry, battle, and her element earth. She also wishes to show her mother's family the error in their ways. She also loves exploration and meeting new, interesting people.

    Starting Stats

    Health: 18 (+2 Earth)
    Magic: 5
    Stamina: 17
    Strength: 10
    Agility: 8

    Weapons: 9
    Hand-to-hand: 5


    History: Olivia's mother, Elise, belonged to a small, isolated community located in the mountainous region of Ironhurst that rarely had any contact with the outside world, but would make occasional trips into the Capital City of Mendefera. On one journey into the metropolis, fate decided for Elise and Oliver, a lone Minotaur, to cross paths.
    Elise and Oliver began to see each other in opposition of her family's views. They saw their relationship as blasphemy; a Minotaur and a Human could never be married. To not cause any more trouble, the couple decided to keep their love a secret.

    But the secret was not kept for long.

    Elise got pregnant. Giving birth to Olivia was the final straw. Elise was cast out her home for bearing the half Minotaur, half Human child. And so, the couple and new born child moved to the town of Redhaven, where the child was to be raised. Olivia was grew up an only child till the age of 11, when her sister Camille was born. Besides being siblings, the two girls were also best friends and sparring partners. In contrast to Olivia, who drew her power from the Earth, Camille's corresponding element was fire.

    Camille was as mischievous as a sibling could come. More than often she would play mean pranks on Olivia, from setting her tail on fire to heating up her weapon's hilt, her seat and eating utensils. Also, Olivia would be constantly burdened with endless household chores and responsibilities. And so, Olivia decided she needed her own space. She left on a trip to self discovery, pursuing to learn more about the Earth, battle, and meet Elise's family to prove that a Human and Minotaur can, in fact, be together, be happy, and raise children just like everybody else.

    RP Sample:
    "It is time."
    Olivia gave her mother a hug, the last she would get from her in a long time. "Olivia, you don't have to go through with this. You don't have to prove yourself to anybody." Elise said, tears forming in her eyes. "Don't make this any harder than it has to be; She is old enough to take care of herself now." Oliver stated, giving the two a hug. "I know that, but she will always be my baby!" Elise replied to her husband while smothering her eldest daughter. Olivia slightly rolled her eyes, a big smile on her face "Mom, Ill be ok. I always have been. Dad agrees, right?" she reassures her loving mother, turning to her dad. "I do. Go on and make your own destiny, my child. You will be missed, Olivia." he replies to her, handing her a few coins for a boat ticket.
    Olivia approached Camille and gave her a nuggie "Hey kid, see you soon. Don't stop practicing, okay?" she said to her sister, getting down to eye level with her. Camille wrapped her arms around her sister's neck lovingly. "I promise. Take care of yourself, sister." she replied to Olivia.

    Gathering her few belongings, with optimism and a smile on her face, Olivia shut the door behind her wondering what adventures awaited.

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source: Lena's Alt.

    Face Claim: Random picture I found on google images and liked ;p

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    Re: Novarak, Olivia

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    I know that this is not finished, I'm just nipping a couple of things in the bud through constructive criticism.

    1. Elements for future Plot reasons are based on the country that you are from. Therefore if you want Earth Element you must be from Humus, and Igneus, Land of the Scorching Sun, is Fire.

    2. In stats, .5 is not allowed in order to keep things simple.

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    Re: Novarak, Olivia

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    every thing seems to be filled out right. approved.

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