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    Stats and how you change them Followed by Stats and what they mean.
    The provided stats in each race description are guidelines on the best stat per race, a way to give variety to play
    Mess with them all you want while still creating your character
    (Certain races will have one stat that is not able to be decreased, giving more variety to the characters, what is the fun if they are all the same. This one stat is listed in the races.)
    Ex. Humans level one basic stats
    Health – 10
    Strength – 10
    Magic – 10
    Agility – 10
    Stamina – 10
    Weapon – 10
    Hand to Hand – 10

    Moving Stats
    Ex. Strength minus 5, moved to agility. Stamina minus 2, moved to health.
    Health – 12
    Strength – 5
    Magic – 10
    Agility – 15
    Stamina – 8
    Choose Weapon or Hand to Hand, only one will level.
    Ex. Hand to Hand minus 9 moved to (any other stat, stamina, health, or weapon) weapon is now 19

    Once you have your character approved, before your first roleplay post, no more moving around.
    Every stat gets added the original amount on top of it when you level except the Weapon or Hand to Hand that you did not choose.
    Ex. Stamina(lvl1) – 8 Is now stamina(lvl2) – 16
    Ex. at level 3 with no training on a stat – stamina(lvl2) - 16 is now stamina(lvl3) - 24 (only added the original 8 not 16)

    You can train 2 times every level. Training once gives you .5 in one thing you want. You can train one thing twice or two different things once. You can put your training points in the Weapon or Hand to Hand that you did not choose, but it will never get the bonus points from leveling (see example above for leveling points)
    Ex. Agility – 15 … trained once = 15.5 and health – 12 … trained once = 12.5
    Ex. Agility – 15 … trained twice = 16

    When you hit lvl 11 it changes
    The automatic adding of the original stat stops. You are given 20 points to put wherever you want.
    Ex. With just leveling and no training. This is the tweaked human stat example above for level one, made into a lvl 10
    Health – 120
    Strength – 50
    Magic – 100
    Agility – 150
    Stamina – 80
    Weapon – 190
    Hand to Hand – 1

    Add the 20 points divided or all to anything above. (can put as little as 1 point in something, or as much as 20 in something, but only 20 points total)
    Ex. 5 to health, 5 to strength, 10 to agility
    Health – 125
    Strength – 55
    Magic – 100
    Agility – 160
    Stamina – 80
    Weapon – 190
    Hand to Hand – 1 (did not get leveling points due to weapon being chosen)

    Elemental Bonus Stats
    Only added after character approved initial stats (the ones you messed with)
    Wind - Agility + 2
    Earth - Health + 2
    Fire - Strength + 2
    Water - Weapon + 2
    Lightning - Hand-To-Hand + 2
    Light - Stamina + 2
    Dark - Magic + 2
    Arcane – ask for details, talk to an Admin

    Ex. Lvl one human tweaked with fire element
    Health – 12
    Strength – 5 +2(Fire) = 7
    Magic – 10
    Agility – 15
    Stamina – 8
    Weapon – 19
    Hand to Hand –1

    What the Stats truly mean

    Health – how much life you have. Each point equals 5 Life/Hit/Health Points (whatever you call it). Need a certain amount of health to wear certain armor.
    Ex. Health – 10 = Life - 50

    Strength – how much you can carry/lift without taking a deduction to movement. This includes all armor, weaponry, and baggage you are wearing or carrying. Each point equals 5 pounds. Need a certain amount of strength to carry certain weapons.
    Ex. Strength – 8 = Carrying ability – 40lb

    Magic – how much mana you have. Each point equals 5 mana. Some weapons and armor require a certain amount of Magic to use
    Ex. Magic – 5 = Mana – 25

    Agility – How many steps in one post you can use, also how fast you can use a weapon or hand to hand, how much damage smaller weapons will do. Weight class of armor can hinder your agility. Also how fast you can move across the continents. Each point equals 1 step per post. The weapon or hand to hand changes would be assessed by the admins in your skills section. If you do not have the Strength to carry your weight, your agility will go down by half.
    Ex. Agility – 5 = 5 steps
    Ex. Of over carrying. Strength – 10 Agility – 10. Carrying 60lb (10 more than able to) = Agility – 5

    Stamina – How much ENERGY you have in order to dodge, run, and fight. Not the same as agility, which is how fast or how much per post you can do something. Stamina is how often you can swing a weapon in a post via energy. High Agility means you can swing quickly in one post, but it’s going to take a lot of your stamina to do that. Agility and Stamina go hand in hand, without stamina it doesn’t matter how fast you can swing your weapon if you don’t have the energy to lift the darn thing more than once. One stamina point equals 5 swings of an average weapon per battle topic.
    Ex. Stamina – 10 = 50 swings of an average weapon for the WHOLE topic (not to mention… don’t forget to run and dodge – to be given as abilities later, each take a designated amount stamina)

    Weapon – the ability to use a weapon. A certain base amount is needed to use certain weapons.
    Ex. Broken Long Sword requires Weapon - 10

    Hand to Hand – the damage and speed in which you can use your hands to fight. There are also special abilities that will require a certain amount of Hand to Hand. Most effective with skills/abilities and equipment. Uses less stamina. Each ten points equals one punch doing 3 damage per punch.
    Ex. Hand to Hand – 1-10 = 1 punch in one POST (not battle topic) worth 3 damage
    Ex. Hand to Hand – 11-20 = 2 punches worth 3 damage per punch equaling 6 damage total

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