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    A Financial Dilema

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    A Financial Dilema

    Post  Kai Takeo on Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:46 pm

    He had forgotten to ask Laliel where the general store was and he didn't want to bother her a second time today. Anyways, as good as the quality of her work was... he still felt the much lighter weight of his coin purse. Not knowing the prices of what he needed at the store, he doubted his ability to buy all he needed. At this time, he notices a board with different flyers on it... quests. Interested if there was anything he could do at his level, he wandered over. "Recruiting" huh... Not much money, but anythng would help, and since the Barracks was one of the few places he knew where to go, it couldn't hurt. He grabbed the flyer and headed back to the Barracks for more information.

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