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    Post  forty on Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:52 pm

    Rules for the site

    Rule #1 Post lengths: As much as I know, a lot of people out there like to type stories when they role play. We don’t want to have to sit there for 5 minutes reading one person’s post . Also we don’t want to see one-liners on the site, that’s just a pain in the ass. So there is a minimum amount of words per post. 75 words for minimum and 10,000 words for the maximum in one topic.

    Rule #2 What Approved Means: Just so everyone knows, if you create something (equipment, ability, spell) everyone can learn it or get it. But if it’s a weapon or armor, nothing is better than the original. But as for skills and spells, if someone creates a spell, another person can also learn the spell, only if they also fulfill the requirements needed for the spell. So keep in this in mind.

    Rule #3 NO ERPING: This means no sexual topic. Last thing we want to see on here is “I slide my meat log into your soft pink cavern.” Yeah… no… keep that kind of stuff to the PMs. You will only be warned once. The next stage would be level reduction or banned for a week. Flirting and sexual innuendos do not count.

    Rule #4 Death is possible: On this site there is death. When your health reaches 0 you’re dead, however you can be revived for a hefty fee at a healers if your friends wish to poll their coin to help pay for it. However if you have a healer among your group, they would be allowed to heal-revive you enough to bring you to a town to heal. However, being revived means you lose either a level or a large amount of experience.

    Rule #5 Friendly fire: Is when an attack by an ally on friendly forces while attempting to attack the enemy, either misidentifying the target as the enemy, or due to errors or inaccuracy. Such attacks often cause injury or death. Fire not intended to attack the enemy, such as negligent or malicious discharge, or deliberate firing on one's own party for reasons, is not friendly fire that’s just being a backstabber or a dick. Nor is unintentional harm to non-combatants or structures, sometimes referred to as collateral damage. Friendly fire can actually also play in to being a good strategy for the umpped most damage. Friendly fire strategies are best for heavy armor and high hp style characters.

    Rule #6 Curve balls: we will throw stuff at you randomly during boss or monster battles; we are testing your ability’s to choose what you’re planning to do. The Wording your posts will determine what types of curve balls we throw at you.

    Rule #7 Don’t assume: do not think what you are doing is what happens this falls under the curve balls we will throw at you. Say your mining and you get a monster event we might just turn that monster is a earth elemental you just hit with a pickaxe, it’s going to be very mad. Even eggs you don’t know what kind they are tell you know what your event roll is.

    Rule #8 One attack or spell per post:  So things don’t get super god mod you can only post, one attack or spell per post so we don’t have people firing off 3 to 4 spells a post or 2 -3 sword swings. The only exception to this is one job and duel wielding weapons.

    Ronsen-Rule: Learn how to swim in the Kiddy Pool or you will drown.  There is an area in Mendefera called The Training Grounds.  You can head straight there anytime that you wish.  Up until you reach lv. 3 everything there will be great to level up with and risk of death will be minimal.

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