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    Kai Takeo Fayshade

    Kai Takeo
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    Kai Takeo Fayshade

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    First Name: Kai
    Family Name: Takeo
    Last Name: Fayshade. Takeo is his family name, Fayshade is the location of his branch of family

    Race: Minotaur
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Height: 9’2”
    Weight: 1300lb
    Birthday: 12/12
    Relationships: They are all dead. He has some distant relatives on Igneus and family friends on Atrum, but he wants little to do with either group at the moment.

    Province: Fayshade, Atrum
    Level: 1
    Element: Dark
    Specialization: Healing and Shadows. Cooking, Herbalism. Staff work

    Personality: At first glance he seems cold and calculating. He doesn’t talk much and he watches everyone around him, discerning people’s motives before interacting with them. When he does talk, it is usually to the point. When you get to know him better, you realize he is holding damaging and dangerous emotions within. He is a very family orientated person, and will protect a friend as if they were his children

    Motivation: Kai is on a search for the bandit group that killed his wife and children. He works at bettering himself so no one will suffer in front of him again


    Starting Stats

    Strength Cannot be decreased!
    Health: 8
    Magic: 17
    Stamina: 14
    Strength: 13
    Agility: 10

    Weapons: 8
    Hand-to-hand: 0


    Kai was born on Atrum land, a month after his parents had moved from Igneus on a mission to create a better bond between Minotaurs and the other races. Needing a midwife for a scared couple with their first child had helped break the ice between Dark Elves and Minotaurs enough to create the understanding that people are people. His childhood consisted of learning about the different races and growing into the kind of man to make his parents proud.

    He found his soulmate at the young age of 12. Her name was Shaori, and she was a 10 year old orphaned Minotaur that his parents had taken in to teach her about her heritage. She was beautiful, tiny compared to him with a pure smile. The first time he saw her, he vowed he would make sure that she would never cry again. They were married 10 years later, with twins 4 years later, a boy and a girl named Chase and Hana. His children would run around, playing games, pretending to be the other one and see how long it took Dad to figure it out. His parents died of sickness a year after the kids were born. These memories would give him comfort and torment in the near future.

    Following in his deceased parent’s footprints, he and his wife decided to take the family on a tour of the different continents, slowly working to better develop understanding between the races. A year in Ventus, and they moved northward into Humus. During the trip north they were raided by bandits. Kai’s wife and children were brutally killed while he was held down, helpless to save them, forced to watch. The bandits beat him nearly to death, but an early morning and too much alcohol had the bandits passing out. Thinking he was going to bleedout by the time they woke up, they ditched his unconscious body as far as they could move it from the camp. When he awoke, he knew what had happened, slowly remembering every sight, sound, and touch of the previous couple of days. Looking around gave him no hope that it was a nightmare, as he could see the bandits had left camp, and his family’s bodies were piled around the firepit. It looked like the bandits had moved to a different camp and wouldn’t be coming back for a while, so he grabbed his wife’s body and carried it slowly to an isolated river down through the woods. He came back for his two children’s bodies, making sure not to be seen. He could barely walk, but he managed to get them out of that wretched camp and buried without leaving a trail.

    He kept to the small river for nourishment while he slowly recuperated, always staying as hidden as possible but close enough to his family’s graves. For a year or so, he debated his life, sometimes even planed his death, at least he may be buried near his family. One night he witnessed a young woman running through the river being chased by two men, she wasn’t going to make it. Exiting his makeshift campsite, he grabbed a 4’ long, thick branch, and acting much like his stereotype, he roared, loudly. Unfortunately, the woman took one look at him and fainted, but at least the two men decided it wasn’t a good idea to continue, they ran faster than Kai had ever seen a human run.

    Lifting the woman carefully, he put her safely on his sleeping area; it was the softest thing he had. A pail of cold water and a cloth on her head brought her around again, but one look at his horns and she was hysterical again, conscious but hysterical. He lightly placed a pan with a simple stew cooking in it in front of her, and sat down as far from her as he could to make her feel safer. She slowly came to her senses, and stopped screaming “Don’t hurt me, I don’t taste good!” at him. “When you feel better, I will take you out of the forest. I suggest you find the nearest town and stay in it,” was the kindest thing he could say at the moment. Saving this woman had risked exposing himself to the outside world again, but it had also given him his first moment of anything but despair in such a long time. It was something to think about in more detail when it was quieter.

    She provided an amusing amount of small talk while she stayed with him. For about 3 days when she no longer got headaches from standing, something caused by her fainting and hitting her head when she fell, she talked almost non-stop, a surprising thing since she had fainted at the sight of him before. Her lively personality reminded him of his children, and he had to wonder at how many other innocent people were suffering the same way his family had. She left him to go back to her family, and he said a farewell to the graves of his family, promising to visit them again. Traveling again for a couple of days, staying quiet and hidden, he arrived at the nearest city, from the signs outside the gate it appeared he was at the City of Mendefera. He carried with him his wife’s wedding band, his daughter’s hair clip, his son’s toy sword, and the memory of the bandits’ faces.

    RP Sample:
    “Daddy, he took my hair pin!” “She took my sword!”

    This kind of banter was common enough with twin 3 year old children. They were bored with the traveling and couldn’t wait to get to their next home. Meeting new children and making friends, they could use someone their own age that wasn’t a sibling. “Chase, Hana, return what is not yours. You both know better. We are in Humus now, it shouldn’t take too long before we get to the city.” Holding his wife’s hand, they walk the path heading toward the city where they would live for the next year. His wife smiled at him, the same smile he swore to keep forever on her face.

    “Daddy! Mommy!” That was the only words his children could scream as the bandits overtook them on the path. They came out of the forest, grinning from ear to ear, Minotaurs or not, there were too many bandits for even the 4 of them to fight off. With his family behind him, he grabbed his son and with his wife still holding his hand, she grabbed their daughter and together they ran for the left, there were less bandits there. They didn’t make it more than 50’ before they knew they wouldn’t make it. Kai put his son down and yelled at his family to keep running as he turned to face the bandits.

    Kai woke up to the sounds of crying. Looking up, he sees his family tied up, screaming for him. But once the bandits knew he was awake, they started what promised to be his hell on earth.
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